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    The Micropump Advantage

    Micropump products appear in the most demanding applications. Below are the reasons why Micropump products are trusted by places like the International Space Station, Mars Rover, and Air Force One.

    • Micropump invented magnetic drive pump technology, and continue to have the drive design and innovate advantage.
    • With 50 plus years of innovative pumping solution, Micropump has the most experience working with many industries and applications. Micropump has acquired unequaled expertise in providing standard and custom pump designs.
    • Micropump systems are recognized as the best in the business because Micropump takes pride in building quality systems. Micropumps are certified both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant.
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    Is a Micropump Pump Right for Your Application?

    Choose Micropump when your application requires a gear pump with:

    • Fluid flow rates from 8.5 ml/min to 40 l/min
    • Circulation, metering, dosing, or transfer functionality
    • One or more of the following characteristics:
      • Hydraulic efficiency (flow vs. pressure)
      • Power efficiency (“wire to water”)
      • Corrosion resistance
      • Abrasion resistance
      • No dynamic seals
      • Pulseless, continuous flow
      • Reversible
      • Dose accuracy
      • Fast response

    Which Pump Technology to Choose?



    Micropump's external gear pumps and centrifugal pumps are widely used for liquid handling by a number of industries, view Micropump's applications overview.

    Micropump Application Briefs:

    Ceramic Printing   Diesel Engine Emissions Control   Dissolution Testing   Fuel Additive Injection  

    Mechanical Seal Flush   Pipeline Sampling   Pulp & Paper Bleaching   Refrigerant Recovery   Textile Printing 

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