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Micropump leads the industry in small, positive-displacement, magnetically-driven gear pumps. They provide pump, motor, and controller technologies for complete fluid handling system assemblies. They use magnetic drives in standard and custom designs or the EagleDrive electromagnetic drive technology to make both dynamic pump and positive displacement products. Micropump pumps are widely used in the following applications: aeropsace and aircraft, environmental, food and beverage, biotechnology, automotive, chemical processing, medical equipment and devices, paint and inks, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, energy/fuel, electronics, clinical and analytical lab.


  • Available for variety of technologies
  • Components ensure reliable performance and long life for precise, low flow applications


  • Magnetic drives available in standard and custom designs, or EagleDrive electromagnetic drive
  • Drive configurations designed to meet specific performance requirements of industrial and OEM applications


  • Uniquely engineered to meet the world's most challenging pump requirements
  • Widely used for fluid handling by industry leaders across a number of industries


The Micropump Advantage

Micropump products appear in the most demanding applications. Below are the reasons why Micropump products are trusted by places like the International Space Station, Mars Rover, and Air Force One.

  • Micropump invented magnetic drive pump technology, and continue to have the drive design and innovate advantage.
  • With 50 plus years of innovative pumping solution, Micropump has the most experience working with many industries and applications. Micropump has acquired unequaled expertise in providing standard and custom pump designs.
  • Micropump systems are recognized as the best in the business because Micropump takes pride in building quality systems. Micropumps are certified both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant.

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