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Lutz drum and container pumps are a safe and economical choice for all of your laboratory, research, non-flammable, and hazardous pumping needs. Lutz drum and container pump series are versatile, application oriented, high quality, easy to use, and have interchangeable motors and pump tubes. These pumps can handle neutral, aggressive, corrosive, flammable, and non-flammable liquids.

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  • Multiple pump models suitable for emptying thin fluids from canisters, cans and drums, including narrow-necked vessels. Featuring infinite variable speed control, sealless, and non-lubricated.


  • Ideal for pumping aggressive and corrosive liquids, acids, alkalis, mineral oil products, and neutral fluids. Mechanical seal or sealless construction for all of your pump needs.


  • Explosion-proof pumps for use in hazardous areas. Available with electric or air driven motors with mechanical seal or sealless design.
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