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GF Signet


    Georg Fischer / GF Signet For Automation Solutions

    Burt Process Equipment is a proud distributor of Georg Fischer / GF Signet products. BPE carries Signet Measurement, Signet Control, and GF Valves & Actuation products for all-in-one automation solutions. Signet Measurement encompasses a wide range of measurement technologies and parameters. Most of these products are available in plastic and are offered with dedicated fittings, which integrate GF Signet sensors perfectly into your piping system. Signet Control comprises various control functionalities (from simple relays to PID controllers) and all major communication technologies. GF Actuation includes pneumatic, electric and magnetic actuators, which can be seamlessly combined with all kinds of valves and accessories.

    Automation Made Easy

    GF Signet's accurate measurement, precise control, and reliable actuation products are the all-in-one solution for your automation needs.


    GF Signet products are:

    • Easy-to-combine with flexible combination and upgrade
    • Easy-to-install with seamless integration
    • Easy-to-connect with state-of-the-art communication technology
    • Easy-to-set-up with a plug-and-play design
    • Easy-to-operate with an intuitive menu structure
    • Easy-to-maintain with a wide range of accessories

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      ★ Signet Product Spotlight 

      2551 Magmeter Flow Sensor


      With its patented magmeter technology, empty pipe detection, corrosion-resistant materials, bi-directional flow, and non-moving parts, the GF Signet 2551 Magmeter Flow Sensor is a top Signet flow meter choice for many fields of application. The GF Signet flow meter's field of application includes chemical processing, water and wastewater monitoring, HVAC, commercial pools, spas, and aquariums, metal recovery, landfill leachate, scrubber control, and neutralization systems. Learn more

      Signet Measurement
      Signet Control
      GF Valves & Actuation
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